Please everyone who is currently on ESA/DLA or PIP please read

I really don’t know where to start on this

I had my “compliance interview” today,, the actual allegations were even more petty and pathetic than I first feared

The complaints (2 of them) were made May and June this yr (the second was made after the letter re the interview was sent)

A little too much of a coincidence as it is just after I raised another issue with the “Bastard Ratdog” (ongoing problem I tried to help other residents with and more accusations from the same people ensued)

One was made over the “Benefit fraud hotline” and one online

I’m not sure in which order they were placed but

1 I have been reported for benefit fraud as I have been “observed”
A) shopping
B) carrying cans of beer
C) going into the city on occasions

so let’s break this down

My GP is just past the local shops,,, until a few months ago my chemist for my prescriptions was in the city centre

The second complaint is
A) Going to Whitby with my Father in October last yr
B) helping people online
C) referring to myself on documents as a “freelance adviser and advocate”

So these are complaints from people who are part of a local hub supposedly there for “vulnerable” people in the community

I won’t name names,, or the hub as the police have just been contacted and i am pushing for an official complaint

but based on their logic it seems

anyone ill or disabled

Shouldn’t shop
Shouldn’t go out
Shouldn’t have a drink
Shouldn’t have a social life
shouldn’t have any form of break
Shouldn’t help others in the same position
Shouldn’t travel for treatment

Oh as a bit of an extra pisser for them (I know they have people following me on FB and reporting back to them),, after the DWP “looked at my benefit” after the allegation,, they have decided I AM ENTITLED TO MORE BENEFIT!!!

I told them I don’t want more i just want these cunts off my back,, but they told me that not only am I entitled it’ll be backdated!! ,Oh to whoever does grass me,, the police have been informed

unfortunately until I get these off my back,, I daren’t help anyone until then I can’t take anymore accusations,, I even told the interview that I expect to be accused of being the next Dr Who regeneration next!!!

it should be noted I am claiming no mobility benefit

Please please share this!! I have had enough!! I am going to have to go through my FB settings and then only post to friends from now on,, so it’s public pictures of cats falling off a branch from now on I’m afraid

again just to be clear




It’s been a while since I added to my blog, those who know me on Linked In or FB will be aware that I have had a breakdown, both physically and mentally, this was happening over a long period of time but reached the point of no return in October, I totally snapped, did something stupid that I am fully ashamed of, and through that lost my job, my reputation, all self respect, yet more significantly, seem to have grown either a sign or extra organ that it seems everyone apart from me can see,,,,,, that must say “This person is mentally ill please disown”

It’s amazing how my circle of acquaintances colleges etc has dramatically reduced, in fact it feels that on occasions people seem to have gone out of their way to avoid me,,,, paranoia???  perhaps, but I am gaining 1st hand knowledge and experience of the stigma people with mental health issues suffer

I am not a psychopath, or a bunny boiler, I am not a serial killer or a danger to anyone but myself (on occasions) I am just ILL, that’s all, at present I am finding it difficult to cope, people ask me “What is wrong with you”? I can’t answer because I don’t know, it’s as if something has snapped, I don’t know where or how to fix it, will time work??? I don’t know

At present I’m pumped full of God knows what tablets, that have awful side effects-loss of appetite, severe migraines, vomiting etc, I know there is no “magic pill” that can help, but I feel like screaming “I am still the same Neil!!! I still have the same knowledge!!!!” it’s just at present emotionally I am struggling to “join the dots” as it were

I can’t thank my GP or the people at Eastglade enough but at times it feels like the Sherlock Holmes guide to treatment ” Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth“. Yet why do I feel shunned?? why do I feel outcast??, I know there is a huge amount of negativity regarding ill/disabled and all on benefits lately, but I feel like I should be carrying a sign, or a mark on my clothes that say either “Sickie or scrounger”  I didn’t ask for this to happen NO ONE DOES!!! yet why does it seem that public opinion especially regarding mental health issues feel like we’re back in the dark ages-are we really on the verge of camps or ghettos for ill/disabled or vulnerable?? I actually can see this coming, and that is terrifying,

On a personal level I have gone from earning £30,000 a year to £3000 a year yet I’m made to feel “unclean” or “Unworthy” because of this, again I did not ask for this to happen, but please do not get me wrong I am just trying to highlight my current situation, I have no intention of claiming any favours and eventually getting a job with either Maximus or Atos (as a certain other blogger did) in fact I left Capita because I refused to imply the bedroom tax or suspend benefit- I tried to help as many as I could but I couldn’t cope with all the people needing help-this is what is happening out there, so all I ask is Please do not believe the Daily Mail, IDS Katie Hopkins Jeremy Kyle, Edwina Currie etc, people needing help should not have their dignity destroyed or made to feel 3rd class citizens, just remember that it could happen to anyone at anytime, a sneeze can throw out a back and leave you immobile, so please do not sneer


Please Can I Talk To a Human???

Many thanks to George Orwell FB

The Internet Paradox, and its implications for Universal Credit.

Put simply UC could not work if it wasn’t for the internet. The fact is Humans are more intelligent, after all, Humans invented the computer and internet. Yet computers are far faster at processing data than we Humans, as such this technology is being used to run rings around us. To achieve the level of state interference that we have come to would have been impossible before the internet. Can you imagine how the job centre would have coped without this technology, if we all (some 8 million of us, on UC) piled into the jobcentres daily?.

Here is some of the maths:
At the moment, there are “officially” 1.9 million unemployed, but we all know there is more since those sanctioned or on workfare are not counted.
(Incidentally, the official unemployment figures will be easily manipulated under UC by definition).

UC will have 8 million claimants approximately at any one time.
There are 750 jobcentres.
There are 78’000 JCP staff, they will be reduced to 71’000 (this assumes they are all full time, which they are not) staff according to the PCS union.

This equates to 10’666 UC claimants for every JCP, if that was spread over a “once every 2 week attendance” (10 days actual), that would be 1066 people per day per jobcentre.

By the same rule, there would be 95 staff members in each JCP. Therefore each JCP staff member would have to see 12 clients per day.
All perfectly doable.

However, they are considering daily sign in. That would see 10666 claimant descend on each jobcentre, and each advisor would have to deal with 112 claimants per day. This would mean each claimant would get 3 minutes with their advisor. Not exactly possible.

Earlier, I asked, how many “public access computers” were in the JCP’s. Answers varied from 1 to 20, so lets say an average of 10. Consider that some people who are on current benefits have no internet access or skill to use them. I speak of those who claim one or more of WTC, CTC, HB, and IS. They are not under conditionality. However, they will be under UC, and there only way to access the internet would be in the JCP (and possibly the library), who is going to help them?, and how many will there be?.

The internet has made us as a society more insular in all sorts of ways, I mean, I talk to people on the other side of the planet, on here, yet I don’t know my neighbours names.

If the government go ahead with this daily signing thing (and do look out for those 3ins by 6ins pads on there desks), one thing is for certain, thousands of us will be in the same “overly oppressed” boat, and the upside here is we will see each other face to face. All we would have to do is talk face to face, you know, how it used to be.

Who knows what will happen if we begin to unite face to face, without Big Brother watching you via the internet.

Just What is The F***ing Point???

I am on the Work program, it is now almost double figures the amount of interviews I have not had help to get to, I’m either told A) too far B) not far enough and on one occasion was told I’m getting too many interviews and it’ll reduce their profit to help me get to them!!! I’m now using all my benefit, I’ve had to travel 3 times over the past 7 days over 2 and a half hours each way for an assessment,a group interview,another assessment an individual interview and a group test, I have no money left now to pay rent,am on emergency electricity @1 day left, Little food, and can’t pay Council Tax, I applied for help from my council as they do crisis loans now, only to be told I don’t fit the criteria as I “CHOSE” to spend my benefit getting to these interviews, and unable to pay rent, no food or heating isn’t a disaster < I get my next JSA next Thurs, I asked to borrow £75 to get me through the week

Just when you thought it was safe to get a job

The Story so far,,,,,,,,,,,, After a successful interview last week our hero was telephoned by a company conducting a security check after the interview, they stated they wanted the dates that I claimed benefit since being dumped by the CAB March 2012. I tried to explain to them that at present I was attempting to bring down ISIS armed with a packet of wet wipes and a book of Jimmy Carr one liners,,, they couldn’t possibly ask me to do something as pointless as telephoning the DWP in the hope of speaking to a human being rather than an automated response

Nevertheless, I had to try, let me try to explain what calling the DWP is like after the complete balls up by IDS and McVile, I rang the number,after @ 30 seconds ringing I got to an automated message “Thank you for calling” then 60 seconds telling me that it may be cheaper not to ring the 0845 number,,,,, err thanks love you just cost me a couple of quid ringing the only number on the website telling me it’d be cheaper not to ring?????? anyway eventually I got “Please let us know what you need” ” I had an interview I need the dates I claimed confirming” “Sorry this is not related, do you have a benefit inquiry?” “No I just need a letter” “Is the request related to benefits/” “Yes” “Please ring the benefit enquiry line on ***********” Now I’m not sure where the software comes for this automated response service, but it’s very similar to those on take a way drive through, you know the ones whereby you clearly state what you want, yet they get it wrong, but if you hold your nose,cover your mouth and say “mumble,mumble,mumble” you get exactly what you want Anyway I rang the benefit number given, another 60 seconds telling me how I could save money by not ringing an 0845 number when it’s the one given by them, then I got through to the same person/computer “Thank you for calling the DWP please state the reason for your call” ” I need a letter blah blah” “Please ring *************” IT WAS THE SAME BLOODY NUMBER I RANG BEFORE TELLING ME TO RING THE BENEFIT LINE!!!! So I lost it “You Mother£$%%^!!!!&&!!!!!!!” I shouted 2 hrs later I had a double bacon cheeseburger fries and diet coke delivered?????? Anyway I decided to bite the bullet and call into a JCP today,,, so at the crack of dawn, armed only with my wit charm and a large rubber fish I ventured into the gates of Hell!!!

“Can I help you” “Yes, interview,,,,,,went well etc,,,,,need letter security etc” !Sorry we’ve never been asked for that before” “Sorry are you telling me you can’t raise 3 dates on your system from 2012????” “Please write your details and I’ll ask” I then heard mumbling “No we can’t give that info for a bank account” “I’m sorry it’s not for a bank account, I have a bank account, it’s a security check for a bank” Eventually I sat down, “I’m sorry out software doesn’t go back that far” “What to 2012???” “Yes” “So you’re telling me you can’t get 3 dates within the last 3 yrs on your computers that IDS has spent millions updating the system on???” Now don’t get me wrong I could clearly see that the lady I was speaking to was a s frustrated by this as I was and what happened next I can’t thank her enough for, but still cannot believe “What I’ll have to do is print out every date you signed on,then we’ll have to check through and see the gaps!!!!” 8 pages later 3 of use were going through MY records to get confirmation of 3 dates I signed on that I actually knew but they wouldn’t sign anything until it was confirmed WELL DONE IDS and McVEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a total balls up

A Warning From History

Have a look at the picture and quote below, an all too familiar cry in oppressive regimes ,one which Britain has become, and where the comfortable, undisturbed greedy,choose to ignore the plight of the poor,the sick , the disabled and unemployed who are being penalised and blamed by governments looking for cheap votes
A society where bankers gain millions for unaddressed crimes whilst
unions,students,nurses,firemen and teachers,(education,health and safety) are punished and gagged from protesting about their rights being eroded,their wages being frozen and their lives being controlled.
Where students are forced to take thousands in loans just to be educated which is a human right , whilst cross party politicians bleed the public dry with enormous expense accounts and participate in second profit making jobs.
There is not a whisker of decency among our parliamentarians in 2015 some may say?
That is not accurate, many MPs possess integrity and values which are admirable but their voice is lost, invisible on our streets and in the media because their message is controlled by the party and corporate business.
Where has social conscience gone? Burned with Maggie Thatcher ? Despite the many right wing attempts to prove the opposite, she was the chief author of the culture ”there is no such thing as society” and it’s every man jack for himself.
Instead we are left with that legacy of the ”I’m alright Jacks” those who turn their backs on the benefit claimants,the unemployed,the disabled and the mentally unwell ,the future of our country’s education and health systems ,condemn and villify their social states as being wantonly chosen as ” life styles” they deplore the lack of ability to make money which is really all our 21st century politicians believe in.
Gone is the compassion,gone is the patience to look and see why,gone is the willingness to share pain in order to lessen it , gone is the willing desire to share an understanding of those less fortunate and to give them a helping hand up and not brutally batter them down.
Do we all wish to preempt and judge each other,is it right to copy and imitate our politicians and media which denigrate our disadvantaged in order to self serve ?
Where is our humanity?Let it not stay burned with Thatcher,let it awaken and rise like phoenix from the ashes to reach every corner of the land, as big and as bold as Bevan’s aspirations,Ghandi’s beliefs and Mother Theresa’s humanity,for today we are shameful in our neglect of those less favoured in life and for that we need to humbly bow our heads and ask forgiveness from them and start to build back up the values destroyed by greed and avarice .

Actual Complaints made to Councils,,,Only in Britain!!

I kid you not these have been taken from actual complaints made to Local Authorities in Britain

1.It’s the dog mess I find hard to swallow

2.I want some repairs done to my cooker as it has backfired and burnt my knob off

3 I wish to complain that my father twisted his ankle very badly when he put his foot in the hole in his back passage

4.Their 18yr old son is constantly banging his balls against my fence

5.My lavatory seat is cracked, where do I stand?

6.I am writing on behalf of my sink which is coming away from the wall

7.Will you please send someone to mend the garden path.My wife tripped and fell on it yesterday and now she is pregnant

8.(This must be from Gideon Osbourne) 50% of the walls are damp,50% have crumbling plaster and 50% are just plain filthy

9.The toilet is blocked and we cannot bath the children until it’s fixed

10 Will you please send someone to look at my water ,it’s a funny colour and not fit to drink

11.(another probably from Gideon) Our lavatory seat is broken in half and now it’s in 3 pieces

12 I want to complain about the farmer across the road, Every morning at 6am his cock wakes me up and now it’s too much for me

13.The man next door has a large erection in his garden,it’s unsightly and dangerous

14 I am a single woman living in a downstairs flat,would you please do something about the noise made by the man on top of me every night

15.Please send a man with the right tool to finish the job and satisfy my wife

16.My bush is really overgrown round the front and my back passage has fungus growing in it

17. He’s got this huge tool that vibrates the whole house and I just can’t take it anymore

I help people affected by the current welfare reforms, specifically disabled and vulnerable people affected and possibly placed at risk by these, I have conducted and won well over 100 disability appeals, I help on a nationwide basis,along with offering help and advice to Parliamentary members