Just What is The F***ing Point???

I am on the Work program, it is now almost double figures the amount of interviews I have not had help to get to, I’m either told A) too far B) not far enough and on one occasion was told I’m getting too many interviews and it’ll reduce their profit to help me get to them!!! I’m now using all my benefit, I’ve had to travel 3 times over the past 7 days over 2 and a half hours each way for an assessment,a group interview,another assessment an individual interview and a group test, I have no money left now to pay rent,am on emergency electricity @1 day left, Little food, and can’t pay Council Tax, I applied for help from my council as they do crisis loans now, only to be told I don’t fit the criteria as I “CHOSE” to spend my benefit getting to these interviews, and unable to pay rent, no food or heating isn’t a disaster < I get my next JSA next Thurs, I asked to borrow £75 to get me through the week


29 thoughts on “Just What is The F***ing Point???”

  1. Dear Neil, the work you do for others including myself, I admire your diligence, is invaluable. The patience we need to affect change ,is helped by a good moan. If all I can do is tell you when you have a good one, that you are not looking at the influence you have with multiplication of your efforts for others Too may people today wait for the big win. I wait for you to succeed. I will live to see you succeed Neil. I watch my pennies too, and I am determined to live to forget. What’isname who thought he was so clever. The users have only one road. and we will clear out Parliament root stem and branch of the politicians who use deceit to obtain and hold on to power against the people, instead of serving for them. Whether religious or not go to a nearby lighthouse of any faith ,and let them know your struggle. Even a trouble shared would be a help , but aiding you would not be enabling. The world is not fair ,but mercy exists for us all.


  2. Neil, I can’t imagine the stress this has put you under. Is your local MP interested to help in getting a crisis loan for example? May I ask if you have ever worked for the Civil Service? As they have an excellent benevolent fund that may be able to help.


  3. Yet another pitiful whinge..but of course ut’s always easier to blame other when your life has turned to crap! Instead of crying…do something about it; be grateful as well for the wonderful job this Government are doing in getting Parasites & Scroungers back to workAlso….spare a thought for those of us that go to work, to pay Taxes, to keep you in free money. Be grateful for what you have, the World does not owe you a living!!


    1. I was waiting for Katie Hopkins or Edwina Currie or Esther McVey clones to start. so let’s go. Parasite and Scrounger!! Madam, I spent 3 yrs in the Army, I have spent 14 yrs in catering, and yes currently unemployed since being released by the CAB, so whilst “Scrounging and whining” I am voluntarily helping the poor,Ill and vulnerable by trying to set up my own advice/support provision with no help whatsoever from with the council or the Government, I have in the past held 2 full time jobs, in December i had a heart operation but still choose not to go on ESA, I have been forced on the Work Program. please allow me to educate you, these are private companies being paid by the Government to aid back into work, I did not choose to go on this, and am often told that there is nothing they can do because I am doing everything and more I can! part of the agreement with the Government is that they help with travel etc, this is in the agreement and the money they get comes from??? go on guess?? that’s right hard working taxpayers like you,.so they promise a service yet don’t deliver. my benefit isn’t free money, I can guarantee you have have paid into the system. as I said I help others for free, as well as look for work AND trying to set this up so i can be paid,this morning I helped a 55 yr old sick lady get some help, and a single mother with 2 young children avoid possible eviction because her partner left her, was that her choice?? Tell me Wendy Tripp Hutton what have you done for someone less well off today?? apart from attempt to insult me that is.

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      1. Also should add that I used the “free money” given to me to try and get work not spend on booze fags plasma tvs that you’re ilk would have many believe, and the help I asked for was for food, rent etc that would be paid back, it’s a small loan not a freebee, sometimes ignorance isn’t bliss

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    2. You vile woman, I think this blog shows he is trying to do something about it, but the evil forces of this Govt are forever in his face.

      You are one person who deserves to fall of your pedestal by the same sword for swallowing the crap this corrurt Govt throws at you via a vile press and media, you would do well to do your own research or is that too hard for little brains.

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    3. WTH Soon the way things are going nearly everyone will be working for their benefits. Without getting a penny and don’t go about with the ignorance that it won’t ever happen to me, because it will. Don’t come crying to us when it does. Working hard or not, paid or unpaid, put Taxes in or not; it makes no difference to how they treat you, even if you are in dire need they deny you of the right to be helped with public money.

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    4. Do you enjoy this little game of heirachy the government have set us all to play? You must do Ms. Hutton as you play with such foul manners. Perhaps instead of jumping to misconceptions and assuming all benefit claimants MUST be dirty little something for nothing scroungers how about you keep your nose out of Mr Cameron’s arse and get to know a persons situation before hearing the words benefit and suddenly deciding you are above them. Because my dear those who judge shall find they themselves are the parasites. I hope karma bites you back for being so vile.

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    5. What an offensive individual you are Wendy. The government are doing sod all to help people into proper paid jobs, on the contrary they are far too busy inventing jobs for people supposedly assisting people into proper paid work when a visit to your local job centre will actually enlighten you to the fact that there are more staff working in the place than proper jobs on offer. You are thoughtless to the misery of the genuine plight of the unemployed. Whinge over!


  4. They have made so there is little point in claiming, they have turned their back on charity to those that need it. Especially the sick and disabled. But it will change one day, and they will have the same treatment they doled out.

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  5. Now now Wendy. If your precious government succeeds in herding all the unemployed and disabled ( the ones they haven’t killed already) into concentration camps you will have no-one left to look down on. You really seem to have it in for the wrong groups. If there were enough jobs to go round I might view your comment in a slightly different light, but clearly there are not so to call people that have no alternative scroungers is blatantly unfair. What choice do they have? We hear so much in the media about how much this government is supposedly saving the taxpayer by its policies, yet we hear little about the amount wasted lining the pockets of their contractor friends and putting out ineffective programs. Perhaps you should start your research there.


  6. I second Leon, you vile holier than thou individual. There but for the grace of God go you – for now. Things can change in a heartbeat, and if they do so for you, maybe someone will be as understanding to you as you have been to Neil’s plight. Sleep well love, your turn may not be far away.

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  7. Typical ignorance of those in better place atm, free money what a laugh not such a thing as free money btw. We are all a pay packet away from unemployment, a moment away from becoming disabled or seriously ill. I will remember your name and when you cant access a hospital, care when old, or benefits when needed I will remind you of that statement Wendy. Those claiming benefits also paid their taxes for when they might need a safety net, they also still pay taxes via other means like VAT and taxes on many other things in life, so make sure you make a you saving cover those rainy days if you can afford to save from your wages ,the welfare state as we know it wont be here much longer. I have had many a person just like you create merry hell when they needed help and found out they were entitled to nothing in this rotten corrupt system

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    1. The usual excuse when someone gets caught out posting vile shite is “boohoo..wasnt me..Ive been hacked” Dont be fooled..this vile specimen is a well known, big mouthed keyboard warrior on the BT pages!

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    The way to utterly change government that threatens so many lives, from babes in wombs to grannies and grandads.

    Is actually to vote on Thursday 7 May.

    But different.


    No ONE PARTY OR EVEN TWO PARTIES will be able to form a government, as never again will voters come out in sufficient numbers for the UK government elections.


    The poor voter now outnumbers all other voters,
    especially in England.


    Voting for a small party to bring in their MPs from different parties into Westminster, would utterly change Labour.


    I have gathered these left wing parties on my personal website, only as a voter (not a member of anything),
    so that you can recognise their party logo’s and names
    to put your pencil cross by on
    Thursday 7 May.


    The poor have more power than they have ever had for a generation.

    A group of parties that between them have over 323 MPs can rule as a majority government in UK’s Westminster parliament, that rules the UK.


    The Scots’ SNP will bring more than 50 to such a group.

    Plaid Cymru in Wales could take Tory and Lib Dem seats if all the poor came out to vote.

    Mebyon Kernow could take
    Tory and Lib Dem seats if all the poor came out to vote in Cornwall, as the so-called big parties have such a small number of votes
    that got them into the job in 2010.

    In England – TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialsit Coalition)
    is running over 122 plus candidates and rising.

    You also have Class War running for the first time.
    Double dole and pension.

    And Socialist GB (Socialist party of Great Britain).

    The 1 Green MP is in Brighton Pavilions.

    But Brighton has other voting areas.

    Brighton Kemptown has more poor voters than any other income level and have a Socialist GB candidate.


    This group of parties gaining between them 323 MPs would shut out the Tories.


    Right now the Tories are planning to just sit in power even if they lose Tory MP seats, and having another general election sometime this year or next.

    Or just do a Gordon Brown and sit in parliament,
    even if not voted into power, for the next 5 years.


    Evolution not revolution would happen this year,
    if the poor all came out to vote.

    Because most folk with money and good jobs
    will be away from home or even abroad,
    because the general election is during the
    May Bank Holiday Week.

    So it will be the poor mostly still at home.



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