St Luke???????

Dear gentle reader.

As I am “well known in the welfare rights sector through his blogs and twitter sites” (according to The Business Director of Serco Welfare Services).I write normally what’s on my mind, if it stirs then so be it.

This morning I was listening to the local radio  before a GP follow up appointment( I had a heart procedure recently and something went a little pear shaped in theatre)  Anyway it seems our glorious leader the Rt Hon David(Lord Snot) Cameron-(doff the cap m’lud would you like me to lay down in the mud so your dog can walk all over me and doesn’t get it’s paws dirty) has a blog, and he has written that he has done one act of kindness everyday

Now I’ve typed in “Out of touch Posh Boy” in a search engine and come up with nothing, so I guess to access it you must either write for the Daily Mail or have bought a years supply of Pimms!

On the radio it gave some of these “acts of kindness” Lord Snot has done

1,Cooked a lamb stew

2.Picked up a bottle in a field and disposed of it

3.Gave a random passer by a free token for a sandwich

etc etc

Now I’m sorry but to me these aren’t acts of kindness and the fact that he blogs about them shows just out of touch this man is!

Dear Lord Snot the acts you make out as acts of kindness are actually what most of us commoners do on a daily basis! I’ve cooked for family and friends,don’t blog it, I’ve bought friends a meal,don’t blog it, I pick up rubbish off the street don’t blog it

What next!!!

Dear diary the act of kindness for Christmas was to buy Gideon a small Pimms in the commons bar and not try to claim it back on expenses!!!

Lord Snot if you want to try acts of kindness,try

1 Not sanctioning a 23 week pregnant lady because her condition meant the company you sent her to on Workfare wouldn’t use her

2.Try not telling a 1 legged Falklands veteran with terminal cancer that he’s fit to work

3.Ask the DWP not to sanction anyone this Christmas

4.Don’t evict disabled people due to your “bedroom tax”

5 Stop blaming the Disabled, The poor and Unemployed for the countries woes we all know it’s your banking sector mates who caused it


Let’s think of acts of kindness shall we? Tomorrow I’m helping an ill man who has had all benefits stopped because of the joke that is the WCA, on Friday I’m helping out at the Community Hub locally giving Turkey sandwiches and Roast potatoes to the poor and those struggling, next week I’m trying to arrange a key worker for a guy with severe Crones Disease and learning difficulties, who could quite possibly die without intervention

I wouldn’t have thought to blog about these until I heard about Lord Snots definition of “acts of kindness” Oy! Posh Boy cooking Lamb Stew for the family is not an act of kindness it’s what normal commoners do!

Aye Caramba!


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