Dear Gentle Reader

As (according to the finance manager of Serco, I am “well known for my tweets and blogs about welfare) I try to vary what I write

As we all know we’re going through a difficult time(some more than others Lord Snot) and we constantly hear the Posh Boys talking about “the Institute for Fiscal Studies” or “GDP” or “The Office of Budget Responsibility” etc etc talking utter waffle at times that most of us find boring

What I’m going to try and attempt here is to explain how the economy works and why the bailout was needed in such a way that someone who knows nothing of economics may be able to follow,and when that person does get it could they explain it to Gideon Osbourne because he is f***ing clueless!

Here we go…….

Imagine it’s a slow day in a damp little town anywhere, times are hard everyone is in debt and all are reliant on credit, on this day a rich tourist was driving through the town, and stops in the local hotel, he puts £100 on the desk and tells the owner he wants to inspect all the rooms so he can pick one to spend the night in

The owner gives him all the keys and as soon as the gentleman had walked up the stairs the owner grabs the £100 and runs off to pay his debt to the butcher

The butcher takes the £100 and runs down the street to pay his debt to the pig farmer

The pig farmer takes the £100 and goes off to pay his bill with his fuel and feed supplier

The guy from the Farmers Co-op takes the £100 and pays off his bar tab at the pub

The bar owner slips the £100 to the local prostitute,who is sat at the bar who has also been facing hard times and has on occasions offered him her services on credit

The prostitute then rushes back to the hotel and gives the £100 to the owner to pay for the room she has used for her clients

The hotel owner then put the £100 back on the desk before the rich tourist comes back downstairs, the tourist then takes back the £100 says the room are not suitable and leaves

No one produced anything, no one earned anything yet for some reason all bills were paid



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