Dear Gentle Reader

As (according to the finance manager of Serco, I am “well known for my tweets and blogs about welfare) I try to vary what I write

As we all know we’re going through a difficult time(some more than others Lord Snot) and we constantly hear the Posh Boys talking about “the Institute for Fiscal Studies” or “GDP” or “The Office of Budget Responsibility” etc etc talking utter waffle at times that most of us find boring

What I’m going to try and attempt here is to explain how the economy works and why the bailout was needed in such a way that someone who knows nothing of economics may be able to follow,and when that person does get it could they explain it to Gideon Osbourne because he is f***ing clueless!

Here we go…….

Imagine it’s a slow day in a damp little town anywhere, times are hard everyone is in debt and all are reliant on credit, on this day a rich tourist was driving through the town, and stops in the local hotel, he puts £100 on the desk and tells the owner he wants to inspect all the rooms so he can pick one to spend the night in

The owner gives him all the keys and as soon as the gentleman had walked up the stairs the owner grabs the £100 and runs off to pay his debt to the butcher

The butcher takes the £100 and runs down the street to pay his debt to the pig farmer

The pig farmer takes the £100 and goes off to pay his bill with his fuel and feed supplier

The guy from the Farmers Co-op takes the £100 and pays off his bar tab at the pub

The bar owner slips the £100 to the local prostitute,who is sat at the bar who has also been facing hard times and has on occasions offered him her services on credit

The prostitute then rushes back to the hotel and gives the £100 to the owner to pay for the room she has used for her clients

The hotel owner then put the £100 back on the desk before the rich tourist comes back downstairs, the tourist then takes back the £100 says the room are not suitable and leaves

No one produced anything, no one earned anything yet for some reason all bills were paid



The Tories’ plan for poor people: stop them breeding

Iain Duncan Smith’s call for ‘behavioural change’ revives an old party trope of sneering at the lower orders

There can rarely have been a better fit for Ebenezer Scrooge than Iain Duncan Smith. He told Andrew Neil on the BBC’s Sunday Politics that he wants child benefit limited to a family’s first two children. It would save money and prompt “behavioural change”.

For a country already failing to replace its population, with just 1.9 babies per woman, dissuading child-bearing is a mistaken and nasty ambition. When Scrooge asks, “Are there no workhouses?” he is told that many would rather die than go into one. “If they would rather die,” Scrooge replies, “they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.”

Duncan Smith himself has four children. So do Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid. George Osborne, David Cameron, Philip Hammond, Grant Shapps, Jeremy Hunt and Nick Clegg all have three, so this government is far more fecund than the general population. But people like them are not the target of this “behavioral change”. What the government wants is fewer oiks.

Back in 1974 Keith Joseph destroyed his Tory leadership hopes with this speech: “A high and rising proportion of children are being born to mothers least fitted to bring children into the world … Some are of low intelligence, most of low educational attainment. They are unlikely to be able to give children the stable emotional background, the consistent combination of love and firmness … They are producing problem children … The balance of our human stock, is threatened.”

Sir Keith had four children but apparently they didn’t threaten “our human stock”. These days, what he said might be less controversial: it’s an everyday rightwing press platitude.

Some themes deep in the heart of Toryism just never go away. Up they pop, over and over. Control the lower orders, stop them breeding, check their spending, castigate their lifestyles. Poking, sneering, moralising and despising is hardwired within Tory DNA.

The desire to extirpate the poor goes back a long way. In 1913 the eye-opening report, Round About a Pound a Week by Maud Pember Reeves and her group of Fabian women (republished by Persephone Books) detailed the household accounts of mothers trying to keep their families on the average £1 manual wage. The report’s irrefutable evidence showed that wages were too low to live on, puncturing the perpetual myth among the comfortable (then as now) that the working classes were “bad managers”. In fact, these mothers scrimped every farthing, maximising calories in bread and dripping.

I was reminded of that book because Pember Reeves wrote angrily of middle-class assertions that no one should have children until they can afford them. She pointed out that working families would never have any if they waited for that day – but, of course, that is what Duncan Smith wants.

Pember Reeves was even more scathing about the well-off who preach what she calls contemptuously “the gospel of porridge”. Ah, porridge! Right on cue, up popped Lady Jenkin, wife of Tory MP Bernard Jenkin, last week: “Poor people don’t know how to cook. I had a large bowl of porridge today, which cost 4p.” She was presenting the Church of England report which found that 4 million people are going hungry.

The Mail hurried to her home and she told them how to cook a three-course meal for 57p – soup, rice and lentils, and banana and custard powder. The Mail’s verdict? “Simple, filling and very tasty.” So here we are, back with the argument that never changes: poverty is caused by fecklessness and dependency, not by sub-survivable rates of pay.

The baroness had no wise tips for how a family on the minimum wage should procure a Christmas present for a child: home-knitted socks? Easier for people such as her to ignore the steep fall in real wages, or that only one in 40 new jobs since the crash has been full time. Easier to overlook Monday’s report from the Office for National Statistics showing the bottom 10% have suffered much higher rates of inflation than the well-off, spending more on food and fuel.

Of the unthinkable £48bn cuts Osborne announced in his autumn statement, the only specific one that he, Duncan Smith and the others keep crowing about is another £12bn to be cut from benefits, confident that Tory polling finds welfare cuts still popular.

But the tide may be on the turn: Osborne may have called it wrong this time. On Wednesday the Commons votes on a Labour motion to repeal the bedroom tax. The last attempt was voted down by the Lib Dems, but those eyeing their seats would do well to relent this time. The bedroom tax feels like the tipping point, where the public understands what cuts mean – half a million families reduced to penury or evicted, a third of them disabled, uprooting parents from jobs and children from schools. That £7bn promised tax cut for higher earners looks less like a winner every day.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies predicts that on present cuts alone, a third of children will have fallen into poverty by 2020. Another scandal: those newly struck down by sickness or serious accidents are lost in a Department for Work and Pensions penniless limbo, waiting for Duncan Smith’s personal independence payments. Last month 323,000 were waiting, according to the works and pensions committee – families in utter destitution, average wait about 60 days, due to DWP chaos. As the Church of England report revealed, the most common reason for using food banks is benefit delay and “sanctions”. Local benefit offices have tough targets for throwing people off benefits, not for how many get jobs.

The Tablet voted Duncan Smith the most influential Roman Catholic. But an influence for what? He will no doubt be singing lusty carols in church this Christmas, most concerning the poor – Good King Wenceslas, perhaps? “Ye who now shall bless the poor, shall yourselves find blessing”, though poorer children have taken the hardest hits.

Listening to children in the wonderful London Symphony Orchestra Discovery Choir at the Barbican, I could only wonder how anyone in this government – religious or not – can cope with the imagery of Christmas. Do they hear the songs about welcoming new babies into the world, the poor child in a lowly cattle shed and rich men bearing him gifts, with at least a twinge of shame?

Scrooge is the great redemption story, but it might take more than three ghosts to see Duncan Smith, Osborne and Cameron recant their vendetta against the poor.

St Luke???????

Dear gentle reader.

As I am “well known in the welfare rights sector through his blogs and twitter sites” (according to The Business Director of Serco Welfare Services).I write normally what’s on my mind, if it stirs then so be it.

This morning I was listening to the local radio  before a GP follow up appointment( I had a heart procedure recently and something went a little pear shaped in theatre)  Anyway it seems our glorious leader the Rt Hon David(Lord Snot) Cameron-(doff the cap m’lud would you like me to lay down in the mud so your dog can walk all over me and doesn’t get it’s paws dirty) has a blog, and he has written that he has done one act of kindness everyday

Now I’ve typed in “Out of touch Posh Boy” in a search engine and come up with nothing, so I guess to access it you must either write for the Daily Mail or have bought a years supply of Pimms!

On the radio it gave some of these “acts of kindness” Lord Snot has done

1,Cooked a lamb stew

2.Picked up a bottle in a field and disposed of it

3.Gave a random passer by a free token for a sandwich

etc etc

Now I’m sorry but to me these aren’t acts of kindness and the fact that he blogs about them shows just out of touch this man is!

Dear Lord Snot the acts you make out as acts of kindness are actually what most of us commoners do on a daily basis! I’ve cooked for family and friends,don’t blog it, I’ve bought friends a meal,don’t blog it, I pick up rubbish off the street don’t blog it

What next!!!

Dear diary the act of kindness for Christmas was to buy Gideon a small Pimms in the commons bar and not try to claim it back on expenses!!!

Lord Snot if you want to try acts of kindness,try

1 Not sanctioning a 23 week pregnant lady because her condition meant the company you sent her to on Workfare wouldn’t use her

2.Try not telling a 1 legged Falklands veteran with terminal cancer that he’s fit to work

3.Ask the DWP not to sanction anyone this Christmas

4.Don’t evict disabled people due to your “bedroom tax”

5 Stop blaming the Disabled, The poor and Unemployed for the countries woes we all know it’s your banking sector mates who caused it


Let’s think of acts of kindness shall we? Tomorrow I’m helping an ill man who has had all benefits stopped because of the joke that is the WCA, on Friday I’m helping out at the Community Hub locally giving Turkey sandwiches and Roast potatoes to the poor and those struggling, next week I’m trying to arrange a key worker for a guy with severe Crones Disease and learning difficulties, who could quite possibly die without intervention

I wouldn’t have thought to blog about these until I heard about Lord Snots definition of “acts of kindness” Oy! Posh Boy cooking Lamb Stew for the family is not an act of kindness it’s what normal commoners do!

Aye Caramba!

Oy! Lord Snot! Leave OUR NHS Alone!

Dear gentle reader.

As I am “well known in the welfare rights sector through his blogs and twitter sites” (according to The Business Director of Serco Welfare Services) I just thought I’d write something different today,

Some of you may know that I am trying to help as many people as I can thanks to the current Nasty Parties in charge, I was doing this alone but am currently using an office in The link Community, unfortunately this has come at a price and have recently come out of hospital after a heart procedure, I’d like to say what happened

I arrived at the ward(thanks to my Dad driving me there) in plenty of time, yet even at 7;15 the poor staff on the ward were stressed at having to juggle beds, find beds,and even find staff, on the way to the cardiology lab I asked the sister taking me how the “We will not top down reorganise the NHS” was going-remember saying that Lord Snot????

She told me how they were only supposed to open from 7;15 am to 9;30 pm Monday to Friday, but thanks to the (Non) cuts (as the NHS was supposed to be ring fenced) they were now 24/7 and had to beg borrow and steal staff to help, use bank nurses etc, I asked about all these doctors and nurses Lord Snot said were about, she gave me that exasperated look of “heard it all before mate” she told me their paperwork had trebled and were working 12 hr shifts and often only 8 hrs between shifts (makes Lord Snots comments a little off the mark doesn’t it)

Anyway I was prepared for the operation, that’s where it all turned “carry on” I managed to stab the doctor with his own pen when he asked me to sign the consent forms, I gave a nurse in theatre a static shock when taking off my dressing down,and one of the doctors tripped on the drip stand just before it started-off to a flyer then!

Any how the only thing I felt at first was the anaesthetic being administered in my arm(the plan was to do an angiogram where a wire is placed through the wrist,up the arm and eventually into the heart, at first thing were going well, then I felt a slight warm sensation in my heart, this increased until it actually felt my heart was in flames-seriously I have never felt anything like it, I turned my head and managed to croak out !I’m burning up”

This is what is termed as a “contrast reaction” it seems it’s about 1000/1 this can happen -should’ve gone to the bookies 1st

So they pumped some adrenalin,along with a few other cocktails into me,unfortunately this triggered an anaphylactic shock,my blood pressure plummeted I felt sick,light headed and an elephant was sitting on my chest and thanks to the burning in my heart this elephant must have only eaten vindaloo all its life

This caused a bit of a panic in me I honestly thought I was having a heart attack and like an idiot reached over and attempted to pull out the wire that was now into my heart, yet throughout all this no one else was panicking, no one raised their voice they calmly told me to breathe slowly,then put me on oxygen after about 5 mins I was back to reality and the procedure could continue


So the good news is,whatever it looked as though was blocking oxygen to my heart has gone and the bad news is that it’s checking for that what could kill me!

I stayed over and everyone was amazing, they took incredible care of me and nothing was too much trouble

What concerns me is what Lord Snot and his posh boys are trying to do with the jewel in the crown that is the NHS,he says all is ok yet the people on the front line say different,he says paperwork is less and more front line care is available,they say paperwork has trebled and they are short all the time

Is Lord Snot either trying to gloss over the troubles to make the NHS more attractive to private buyers? or does he want to run it to the ground so the NHS is forced to tender out privately? either way I bet his rich mates get richer.

I really didn’t want to get political but I fear that 5 more years under Lord Snot and the posh boys will be the end of the NHS and it’ll be even quicker if they form a coalition with the extreme Tories (UKIP)

My worry is that Labour still has too much New Labour within it ranks and I think some of them have a similar idea

I just want to thank everyone in the Cardiology dept at the Northern General in Sheffield along with everyone in Chesterman 2 and I hope things get better and you and the NHS are around for the next generation


Am I a Group?

I’d like to put a question out there, I am doing my own advice provision,I am in a Forum set up for group funding bids,I have my own constitution that has a treasurer,a secretary,and a chair (names only I do it all) yet I need 2 signatures,myself and one named to access funding I have gained, yet I have been brushed off in the forum as I’m “not a group” am I? I am thinking of resigning,because of this as I don’t feel I’m taken seriously,yet I’m the only one that offers advice, and can improve someone’s financial status,any help welcome as I want to challenge this, PS there are councillors on the Forum,and a lot of internal politics

Yesterday I resigned from the Forum giving my reasons, however I have also copied in some high ranking council officials,something just wasn’t right,and if someone who offers welfare/tribunal/appeals/generalist and housing benefit help has to argue his case to a Forum to be acknowledged,then I want no part of it, I’m not giving up my advice at the Link, in fact I’m more determined than ever,I think that’s where the problem may have been,there’s some animosity within certain parts of the Forum, and I have neither the inclination or reason to play such games, I’ve been helping on my own now for over 2 yrs,I guess I’m just going to have to carry on in the same way. advice within community organisations may be the way forward,especially after further cuts come in (whoever wins in 2015 legal aid will be further hit) I was hoping for structure in the forum to show it could be done, there are other forums in Sheffield,maybe they’ll see what was offered, and the potential to create something new and needed

My Resignation

Dear XXXXXXXX Forum,

After attending the meeting on the 17th November, I would like to say I have concerns regarding my status within the forum; the concerns arose when the question of funding by XXXXXXX Forum was discussed, please note I have absolutely no issues with the funding bid being placed, I fully agree with striking early and I think the Xmas lunch is a worthwhile cause and I still would like to support it in anyway I can.

My concern stems from when it was mentioned if I could have placed a bid for funding by way of the Forum, I found the response “No I am not a group” a little concerning, and I felt as though I was brushed aside.

May I take this opportunity to raise a few points, firstly apart from the use of a room I have no connection to the Link, I have a separate constitution address, I heard about the Link during a radio show and I approached them, not the other way around, secondly I have been placing bids for funding on my own and the rules state I cannot submit them unless I am a group, I have a management committee including a Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary, I have a community bank account, and any funding I wish to release needs 2 signatures, as per any other group.

Currently through my group I offer advice on a nationwide basis, I am currently a consultant Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) along with the UK Veterans Affairs League (UKVAL) and I have also offered advice on Sheffield Uncut and 38 Degrees, I currently offer my services for referral to Clive Betts MP and have made the same offer to the new candidate for Heeley, not to mention the assistance given to many other organisations and individuals covering many topics . I suppose I could technically argue that I may be one of the biggest groups within the ward through the work I do, and the people I reach yet my efforts to explain this seemed to have been brushed aside very easily

I am concerned that not being recognised as a group within this Forum would not only limit the potential funding the committee would tender for, but also limit the possibility of being allocated any funding and support the Forum I may gain due to not being acknowledged as a group. In essence I feel I would always be at the back of the queue, not to mention the fact I feel I would have little or no voice within the Forum, granted I did express a possible future interest regarding possibility of a place on the committee but if I’m not accepted as a group now I doubt I will be at any future date

At the last meeting I enquired about the blog, in the future I was hoping to propose that an advice provision be placed on this, The CAB has an on line advice section called Adviser Guide, but no online Q&A blog provision I was hoping that I could cover the areas the CAB doesn’t within the ward and offer 1-1 help for those without internet access and an advice blog for those who do, this is one of the reasons why WiFi is badly needed at the Link

Throughout the country access to advice/aid is being severely cut, before I undertook the Link project, I did discuss this with others nationwide in the advice sector, they have taken on board the idea and basically considered my set up as a form of template for the future of advice provision within communities.

It is because of this that I feel I should tender my resignation to the Forum with immediate effect, If I am not accepted as a group I feel I run the risk of being deemed not fully part of the Forum.

I fully intend to continue offering my advice provision within the Link for the residents of Stradbroke, but after the last meeting I feel continuing in the Forum, wouldn’t benefit any party, so I intend to contact other Forums offering an advice/advocacy/basic counselling service and see if they acknowledge me as a group organisation

I feel no anger to the Forum or any of it’s members I am just disappointed, so as I will not be  attending the next meeting I would like to wish all within the group all the best for Christmas and next year and the best of luck for the challenging times ahead


Neil Vaughan

Link Community Assistance Section

Any comments???? On a personal level I have found that the further I got into “discussions” I came across  a playground mentality of “He said/She said” almost borderline a “My daddy can fight your daddy” mentality even at the end of the meeting several broke off and had a “mini-meeting” ,all this pulling rank and forming little gangs,forgetting the idea is to help the community, I’m due a heart operation in December, I’m under enough stress, I have neither the time nor the patience to play such games, I want an organisation that helps,,,, not a crèche

Cannon Fodder


Just thought I’d post this as I found the image of Lord Snot at the remembrance march offensive,I’m an ex soldier and for the 1st time in years I couldn’t afford to get to the nearest cenotaph to think about my kin,after paying my bills I had £12 until 20th November and I hadn’t bought any food,many ex squaddies are similar despite this Armed Forces Covenant he bullshitted us with If I have offended anyone, I apologise # scrounger

I help people affected by the current welfare reforms, specifically disabled and vulnerable people affected and possibly placed at risk by these, I have conducted and won well over 100 disability appeals, I help on a nationwide basis,along with offering help and advice to Parliamentary members