A Warning From History

Have a look at the picture and quote below, an all too familiar cry in oppressive regimes ,one which Britain has become, and where the comfortable, undisturbed greedy,choose to ignore the plight of the poor,the sick , the disabled and unemployed who are being penalised and blamed by governments looking for cheap votes
A society where bankers gain millions for unaddressed crimes whilst
unions,students,nurses,firemen and teachers,(education,health and safety) are punished and gagged from protesting about their rights being eroded,their wages being frozen and their lives being controlled.
Where students are forced to take thousands in loans just to be educated which is a human right , whilst cross party politicians bleed the public dry with enormous expense accounts and participate in second profit making jobs.
There is not a whisker of decency among our parliamentarians in 2015 some may say?
That is not accurate, many MPs possess integrity and values which are admirable but their voice is lost, invisible on our streets and in the media because their message is controlled by the party and corporate business.
Where has social conscience gone? Burned with Maggie Thatcher ? Despite the many right wing attempts to prove the opposite, she was the chief author of the culture ”there is no such thing as society” and it’s every man jack for himself.
Instead we are left with that legacy of the ”I’m alright Jacks” those who turn their backs on the benefit claimants,the unemployed,the disabled and the mentally unwell ,the future of our country’s education and health systems ,condemn and villify their social states as being wantonly chosen as ” life styles” they deplore the lack of ability to make money which is really all our 21st century politicians believe in.
Gone is the compassion,gone is the patience to look and see why,gone is the willingness to share pain in order to lessen it , gone is the willing desire to share an understanding of those less fortunate and to give them a helping hand up and not brutally batter them down.
Do we all wish to preempt and judge each other,is it right to copy and imitate our politicians and media which denigrate our disadvantaged in order to self serve ?
Where is our humanity?Let it not stay burned with Thatcher,let it awaken and rise like phoenix from the ashes to reach every corner of the land, as big and as bold as Bevan’s aspirations,Ghandi’s beliefs and Mother Theresa’s humanity,for today we are shameful in our neglect of those less favoured in life and for that we need to humbly bow our heads and ask forgiveness from them and start to build back up the values destroyed by greed and avarice .


5 thoughts on “A Warning From History”

  1. Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating and commented:
    They say “History repeats itself because nobody listen”‘
    “History repeats itself because the world doesn’t learn”

    Whatever the exact phrase, its plain to see that we, the elctorate, are being subjected more and more, little by little, to the same era which gave rise to one of the World’s most evil and murderous dictator’s, Adolph Hitler.

    Reading this piece by Neil A Vaughn, can you say for certain that their is now a resurrected incarnation of that most evil & murderous dictator, and his name is David Cameron.

    Aided & abetted by his own version of The Gestapo, Iain Duncan Smiths Dept of Work and Pensions, and Esther McVey as the Minister of State for Employment, they are all responsible for killing thousands upon thousands of sick, disabled & unemployed claimants by cancelling their pittance of benefits, and throwing them out penniless onto the streets.

    Cameron uses his own SS Officers, also known as Job Centre Plus Work Coaches, to terrorize, to hound, to belittle and to break down the very last of any confidence and self respect, that these unlucky jobless or ill individuals may have left.

    These JC+ SS trip claimants up at every opportunity, place ridiculous conditions on them in order to qualify for benefits, and remove said support at the tick of a box, often for spurious reasons. Camerons Gestapo reward these SS pen pushers by doling out badges of merit as a token of Iain Duncan Smith’s appreciation.

    Government statistics reveal that between January 2010 and January 2011, 10,600 sick and disabled people died within six weeks of being assessed. Government statistics also revealed that of those who had been put into the ‘Work Related Activity Group’ (which prepares claimants for future work), 1300 died within 6 weeks. Critics of ATOS allege that the number of deaths is far greater. In mid-January 2012, there was a significant scandal as media were alerted to the fact that the WCA had found a man in a coma to be ‘fit for work’

    Work Capability Assessments have also found patients with brain damage, terminal cancer, severe multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s Disease to be fit for work. On 24 April 2013, a woman who was a double heart and lung transplant patient died in her hospital bed only days after she was told, after a Work Capability Assessment, that her allowance was being stopped and that she was fit for work.

    In August 2011, twelve doctors working for Atos as disability assessors were placed under investigation by the General Medical Council because of allegations of misconduct in relation to their duty of care to patients. 4 years on its been assessed by those seeking the truth, that the true death rate could now be as high as 50,000 deaths at the hands of the Gestapos Agents, Atos,

    The only way to stop this situation is to get rid of these “Nazi’s”, and the only way to do that (legally) is by voting for Labour in the May General Election. By their own admission, the Tories have only just started and have only used 40% of their “evilness” but promise to use the remaining 60% in the coming years if re-elected.

    For the sake of humanity, at least those of us in the UK, dont let them in again, ever! Vote for the only real chance to stop these needless deaths, lets not read how another poor comatose hospital patient is merely shirking or skiving and must start work in a few days time.
    It could be you next, your mam, dad, sister or brother, son, daughter or partner that is unfortunate enough to become sick, unemployed or faced with a long term disabilty. And then, what will you do?


  2. Let me add some overlapping context. Besides Thatcher, at least two others were behind this demotion of the notion and role of society: Ronald Reagan and Ruud Lubbers (Dutch PM 1982-1994). Sometime between the 1973 oil crisis and 1979, the bosses and other Western elite seem to have gotten fed up with union wage demands and with the ongoing expansion of Welfare States. The Reagan administration sacked thousands of air traffic controllers overnight and, starting around 1982, the Dutch budget cuts and attack on the elderly, disabled and unemployed people of the Netherlands began. The three were in close contact. The destruction of the intercontinental postwar consensus advocating expansion of social services was completed by 1985 at the latest, when the Miners were defeated. Its start would be hard to date.


  3. This general election has the biggest chance by its fewest voter turnout for small parties.

    The parties of the poor are getting nil coverage in the national press and TV news.

    But also nil coverage in blogs and forums.


    There are nearly 200 marginals in the UK, where Tory and Lib Dem MPs especially have single figure amount of votes that got them into the job in 2010.


    The more my website is shared on your Twitter and Facebook pages, the more the poor will learn that they have the power to utterly change Labour back to a party that is anti austerity, against welfare cuts and stop pension abolition.


    A group of parties needs at least 323 – 326 and above MPs.

    Around 50 or so of these will be Scot SNP and some Plaid Cymru.

    The Tories and Lib Dems could be wiped out in Cornwall by MEBYON KERNOW, as the big parties have single figure votes that got them the job in 2010.


    If the small socialist parties do not gain MPs this election, the predicted most severe hung parliament will bring a SECOND GENERAL ELECTION this year, after which we get a grand coalition of

    And Labour will suffer the fate of the Lib Dems.




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