Oy! Lord Snot! Leave OUR NHS Alone!

Dear gentle reader.

As I am “well known in the welfare rights sector through his blogs and twitter sites” (according to The Business Director of Serco Welfare Services) I just thought I’d write something different today,

Some of you may know that I am trying to help as many people as I can thanks to the current Nasty Parties in charge, I was doing this alone but am currently using an office in The link Community, unfortunately this has come at a price and have recently come out of hospital after a heart procedure, I’d like to say what happened

I arrived at the ward(thanks to my Dad driving me there) in plenty of time, yet even at 7;15 the poor staff on the ward were stressed at having to juggle beds, find beds,and even find staff, on the way to the cardiology lab I asked the sister taking me how the “We will not top down reorganise the NHS” was going-remember saying that Lord Snot????

She told me how they were only supposed to open from 7;15 am to 9;30 pm Monday to Friday, but thanks to the (Non) cuts (as the NHS was supposed to be ring fenced) they were now 24/7 and had to beg borrow and steal staff to help, use bank nurses etc, I asked about all these doctors and nurses Lord Snot said were about, she gave me that exasperated look of “heard it all before mate” she told me their paperwork had trebled and were working 12 hr shifts and often only 8 hrs between shifts (makes Lord Snots comments a little off the mark doesn’t it)

Anyway I was prepared for the operation, that’s where it all turned “carry on” I managed to stab the doctor with his own pen when he asked me to sign the consent forms, I gave a nurse in theatre a static shock when taking off my dressing down,and one of the doctors tripped on the drip stand just before it started-off to a flyer then!

Any how the only thing I felt at first was the anaesthetic being administered in my arm(the plan was to do an angiogram where a wire is placed through the wrist,up the arm and eventually into the heart, at first thing were going well, then I felt a slight warm sensation in my heart, this increased until it actually felt my heart was in flames-seriously I have never felt anything like it, I turned my head and managed to croak out !I’m burning up”

This is what is termed as a “contrast reaction” it seems it’s about 1000/1 this can happen -should’ve gone to the bookies 1st

So they pumped some adrenalin,along with a few other cocktails into me,unfortunately this triggered an anaphylactic shock,my blood pressure plummeted I felt sick,light headed and an elephant was sitting on my chest and thanks to the burning in my heart this elephant must have only eaten vindaloo all its life

This caused a bit of a panic in me I honestly thought I was having a heart attack and like an idiot reached over and attempted to pull out the wire that was now into my heart, yet throughout all this no one else was panicking, no one raised their voice they calmly told me to breathe slowly,then put me on oxygen after about 5 mins I was back to reality and the procedure could continue


So the good news is,whatever it looked as though was blocking oxygen to my heart has gone and the bad news is that it’s checking for that what could kill me!

I stayed over and everyone was amazing, they took incredible care of me and nothing was too much trouble

What concerns me is what Lord Snot and his posh boys are trying to do with the jewel in the crown that is the NHS,he says all is ok yet the people on the front line say different,he says paperwork is less and more front line care is available,they say paperwork has trebled and they are short all the time

Is Lord Snot either trying to gloss over the troubles to make the NHS more attractive to private buyers? or does he want to run it to the ground so the NHS is forced to tender out privately? either way I bet his rich mates get richer.

I really didn’t want to get political but I fear that 5 more years under Lord Snot and the posh boys will be the end of the NHS and it’ll be even quicker if they form a coalition with the extreme Tories (UKIP)

My worry is that Labour still has too much New Labour within it ranks and I think some of them have a similar idea

I just want to thank everyone in the Cardiology dept at the Northern General in Sheffield along with everyone in Chesterman 2 and I hope things get better and you and the NHS are around for the next generation



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