It’s worse than that,,,,,, he’s dead Jim!

Dear gentle reader.

As I am “well known in the welfare rights sector through his blogs and twitter sites” (according to The Business Director of Serco Welfare Services),,, Damn,,, it’s happened again,this new career path given to me really makes me lose my chain of thought when I write it,,,,,,, I’ll try again

“On 14 March 2014 Tony Benn Passed away,, as a mark of respect Labour held 2 minutes socialism”

Crass?? Possibly, but it’s an attempt to explain how I feel about Labour, poor old Ed Millibland zzzzzzzzzzzzzz(deliberate spelling mistake) is really going through the mill right now, all his front bench say they are behind him,which must be similar to a football manager being given the “Vote of Confidence by his Chairman-P45 pending|)

he must feel like a Star Trek character, you know the one, we’ve never seen him before,he doesn’t speak,he’s wearing one of the dreaded red tops, and it’s his 1st mission- we all know what happens next,,, Yep he doesn’t get an invite to the Federation Xmas do cos “He’s dead Jim”

Don’t get me wrong i know Milliband is very clever,and many say he’s nice, the problem is, if an alien came down to Earth(see previous post) and was given a quick lesson in British Politics and he was presented to Cameron, Milliband, Farage and Clegg,would he be able to tell who represented which party?? I doubt it,and that’s the problem the parties constantly say that the public are “Disenfranchised” with politics, too bloody right, because you’re all more or less the same

What options do we have???


UKIP(Extreme Tory)

Labour(Diet Tory)

and the Lib Dems,who will do whatever the other 3 do,just to stay in any coalition (Coffee please Nick,milk no sugar)

The voting slip for 2015 only needs 1 box to tick as whoever gets in it’ll be more of the same,apart from Milliband and lord Snot,let’s have a look at a few others

Gideon and Balls(sounds like a 19th century music hall act,and do Politics the same way) apart from ineptness they are both waiting in the wings for the top job,yet denying it

Then we get to the DWP,now unless Katie Hopkins goes into politics,there’s nobody who comes close to IDS, as for Rachael Reeves, I’m sorry and I’ve said this before I just see an Esther McVey 2.0

They all seem to be veering to the Daily Mail school of life and blaming the unemployed/ill/poor etc for this mess-THEY DIDN’T CAUSE IT!!!!

Back to Milliband, as I said I know he’s intelligent,, very intelligent, but I hear him and I feel nothing,no passion, not from him, but from me! not only is he  a man I doubt could inspire 3 people in a trench armed with a peashooter, and a Geri Halliwell CD to attack 10,000 blood crazes maniacs I don’t think he could inspire the 10,000 to attack the 3!! and will someone please buy him a Vicks Sinex, hearing him makes my eyes run

That’s what Labour need! since 1997 Labour has morphed into this Diet Tory thing we have now, if they get rid of him just look at the Diet Tories waiting to follow, Balls,Cooper,Reeves etc, the only one who may (and I mean may) be different is Alan Johnson, and he got to where he is via Unions(refer to note in earlier blog re McCluskey)

People are disenfranchised because they see no viable alternative, just more of the same,career over conviction,money and privilege taking you far, labour keep having a go at the “Posh Boys” about how many millionaires are sat in the front row,have a look at labours,they aren’t as far behind as you’d think

Labour say that they will aim to give us what we want,if they win in 2015,unfortunately I can’t see it happen until the give us what we need, a viable alternative to what we have now

a few people have asked me to see about standing as a local councillor,or perhaps joining the labour Party, the labour at grass routes I’m all for,unfortunately their front bench bears no resemblance to it, I almost see 2 different parties in 1, changes need making B(lair) needs fully exorcising,then and only then there may be a shimmer of light in the darkness

We need real labour back and quickly



One thought on “It’s worse than that,,,,,, he’s dead Jim!”

  1. Being someone disabled, chronic sick, unable to work, no benefits, works pension on lowest 4 per cent income, denied state pension at 60, no political party offers me anything but ever worsening poverty.
    For many other women born from 1953 and men born from 1951
    they will get NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE.

    The Greens seem not to have the funds for an advertising campaign on billboards in England and Wales to tell the nearly third of the population of those nations of their life-saving unique policies since 2014 Spring Conference, for the first time in UK history:

    – universal, automatic, Citizen Income, non-withdrawable
    to the level of the basic tax allowance

    – Full State Pension to all citizens, irregardless of National Insurance contribution / credit history, lost more from benefit rule changes and austerity job cuts

    Both above would have a supplement for disability.


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