Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink

Dear gentle reader, it seems that I’m a “well known blogger and tweeter in the welfare advice sector” I wasn’t aware of this yet a senior manager within the Work program decided to state this to an MP when I raised issues about help(or lack of it) to interviews whilst in stuck in this program

So because of that I’ll start again,,,,, statins on standby

Dear gentle ReaderS (yes both of you!) as mentioned I’m stuck on the Work program and have spat my dummy put a few times, but credit where it’s due, my provider has arranged some interview coaching(I know what you’re thinking, why train in interviews yet refuse to help to get to them-but I’ll take what’s offered)

I may not have helped myself in the past, I may come over as a threat, or too knowledgeable,perhaps having my own advice service puts them off, and I know that bursting out laughing when asked “where do you see yourself in 5 yrs for an 18 month fixed term role didn’t help

I have been told that he’ll specifically ask difficult questions, I’m all for it, I’m happy to talk about anything from Quantum Mechanics to the theory of a creator and even why bald people even find hair in the shower plug hole

Unfortunately all the coaching and tips can’t help with something I’m up against more and more,,,,,Cronyism!

I have seen it, been a victim of it(several times) and even had the opportunity to take advantage of it (although to be fair I was told I had “A good chance” but still had to apply and was one of 23 interviewed-I actually turned it down because I had started another job and wanted to give that a go not for being a lying Martyr as I was told I was) by Cronyism I mean getting a job, without needing to apply or be interviewed, and I have seen it often in my sector

Last year I applied to a well known advice provider to offer advice using social media, apparently,they wanted someone experienced who could hit the ground running, well I’ve been doing it since 2012, I have all the certificates (and more) I have been giving advice personally for MPs and disability forums, so I sent off the application,,,,, nothing, I emailed and eventually got a reply from someone who first told me how they don’t give feedback(finding that a lot too) and eventually said I wasn’t experienced enough (it seemed my certificate in General Advice along with the tribunal certificates and debt certificates wasn’t enough for a job as a generalist adviser) a few weeks later I found out the job was given to the son of a friend of the manager and they’d train him-so much for hitting the ground running

I am getting this impression more and more, who as opposed to what you know, some say that the decision whether to take you on or not is made within 30 seconds, I’m finding the decision has been made before the ink on the initial advert has dried


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