Big Brother

Dear Mr Gareth Matthews (Serco) thank you for the response to my issues with the Work Program provider,however the response does cause concern, why did you deem it necessary to mention my tweets and blog in the reply?you mention I am “well known in the welfare rights sector through my blogs and twitter sites,” I have 2 blogs 1 for The Link and 1 private that to my knowledge has had 35 readers maximum and 5 were family,I would like to think it’s my help with appeals,sanctions and other issues were of more relevance than my blog, who are the welfare rights providers you are referring to?

As for your response I am using this way to respond as we are not connected, there is no email to respond privately and I refuse to use the Linked In anonymous option, firstly I was not advised to look locally, I was told,it is not only Bradford I have been refused help with,the JCP state I must look up to 90 mins travel from home, I was refused help when I enquired about Halifax (55 mins away) I was refused an advance travel permit to Worksop so I had to sell an item off great sentimental value to buy a ticket, I have told my provider I have had interviews in Doncaster and Sheffield (last time I used an A-Z they were both in South Yorkshire, as for help for the community project,I have had no help whatsoever,your response was an almost exact copy of the initial reply from the provider to my complaint I have no problem with people reading my blogs(it’s what they are there for) however they are irrelevant with regards to my complaint I have used this medium as we are not connected, however feel free to respond either on this post,via my blogs(thanks for reading) or my email on my profile, and I’m still curious as to how many in the welfare advice sector know me through my blog rather than my work.

Regards Neil Vaughan


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