Support group help

21 June

I have just returned from Woodhouse library in Sheffield I was asked to see a gentleman who’s wife is severely ill, a stroke that has left her paralysed,cancer,TIA’s to her eyes, a heart condition, multiple blood transfusions kidney failure.permanent catheter and depression, she is in a motorised wheelchair and 100% dependant on a full time carer,(and don’t get me on the 4hrs her husband waited at the local CAB for help only to be told they don’t!!!!) I helper her fill out ESA50 she is being assessed on capability to work! her disability benefit is her lifeline for survival,and she is terrified she will lose it(to be honest I expect it less than 1% of DWP DM’s are medically trained) This is the IDS legacy! anyone want to argue she is a scrounger???

her husband gets £60 a week carers allowance, she gets DLA mobility which pays for their adapted car, she gets the care component £81.30(soon to be assessed under PIP), they get between them Income support of £129-BETWEEN THEM which is being reassessed for ESA so that is @£270 a week for 2 adults one of which needs full time care, YES they get housing benefit, but £270 between 2 and called scroungers! come on Tory boys argue this! and if people think I am pissed off too damn right! no help from the local CAB wasting their time and she will probable be dragged to a tribunal,you listening Clegg!


On Tuesday I received an email from the husband of the lady who told me that she had been placed into the Support group ESA and things were looking better

Today he emailed me stating that not only  had they not had any money yet(should’ve been 22nd) but BOTH have been told they must attend a Work Focussed interview, when he rang to try and explain BOTH were threatened with a sanction.

His wife is in the Support group attending Work focussed anything is voluntary NOT mandatory and because of this cannot be sanctioned

Training & Development
Revised WCA Handbook
ESA (Amendment) Regulations 2011 and 2012)
Version: 6 Final
19 March 2013

1.5 Sanctioning
The process of sanctioning lies out with the AH process. To receive the higher rates of benefit, the claimant must be considered to be carrying out “reasonable steps” to manage their condition and help move them towards the workplace.
If the DM considers that the claimant has failed to participate in work related activity, then the claimant may be sanctioned and their rate of benefit reduced.Those in the Support Group will not be required to participate in work related activity and will therefore not be subject to sanctioning procedures. However a claimant in the Support Group may opt to participate voluntarily in work related activity and engage with a PA.
The decision to apply a sanction is a complex procedure and is subject to a number of safeguarding procedures to ensure no claimant is unfairly treated.

So this points to one of 2 possible reasons

1. more bullying tactics to either increase the number of sanctions(yet targets are denied) of get more into Work related activities no matter who it is,  OR

2.a JCP “adviser” not knowing the rules, if that’s the case “Gissa F**cking Job! I can do dat!”


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