Another Day,, Another Rejection

Whoever reads my posts(and I’m certain there’s one out there who has chosen this over capital punishment and is now starting to regret it) knows that I’m a “feckless scrounger” even though I am busting a gut to find work,

One thing that I have noticed in rejection (plenty of practice lately) is the reluctance to offer feedback on the rejection, now anyone who has either been to a JCP or a job club or is unfortunate enough to be stuck on the Work program, will tell you that you are always told “ask for feedback”, I’ve tried many of the “major” charities, and always get in the rejection email/letter ” due to the high calibre of applications we do not offer feedback” I have even written asking for feedback and been given the same answer, One manager of a CAB outside Sheffield ever seemed a little put out by the cheek of my request, and struggled when pushed to give reason eventually stating they thought I didn’t have the experience to be a networking CAB adviser,,,,,  err trained and certified by CAB 3 yrs CAB experience and been offering on line advice for past 2 yrs, not to mention having my own surgery.!

Does the expression “due to the high level of candidates” imply that other adverts don’t get them? Yet these offer feedback, or is it to hide another picture I am constantly considering within the advice sector that there is a huge element of cronyism at work? “Who” as opposed the “What you know”? I am thinking that more and refusal of feedback a way to hide this?

But if it isn’t this and I am making mistakes at interviews, then surely I need to know, even the basic principle of politeness should come into effect, as I spent 3-4 hrs filling out an application then spent money really can’t afford to get there for ultimately was a waste of my time and what’s left of my money? especially when I make a point of asking for feedback

If I have no chance,yet am purely being called in to make it look as though it’s an equal playing field then no more please! please don’t use me to “tick boxes” when the decision about who gets the job has been made before the ink on the advertisement has dried.


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