Playing the game!

I held a surgery today,I initially advertise help with forms(applications,explaining etc) a person came in today who told me they’d been “all over” wanting help for issues with debt,relationships,childcare,employment,and also wanting help with housing and council tax issues,entitlement and amounts and what hours would help her and look after her 2yr old child and what help was out there for her, now I’m not sure gentle reader if you remember that I’ve been bounced about by the more “serious” advice providers (CAB,Shelter,) etc who have deemed me either unsuitable to volunteer or employ so I must be deemed to be playing at what I do, I am a 1 man band in a small room,fighting for a pittance of funding  yet doing this for free, and these people come to me AFTER going to them 1st so I ask you, who is playing the “game? 


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