I have been offered an interview from Stepchange on Monday, I arranged this myself and it will take 55 mins to get there, the job is in Leeds I live in Sheffield, because of this my Work program provider Serco will not help me with travel, it costs £7 to get a return ticket add bus fare it comes to £10.80! for the sum of £10.80 I have been denied the chance to possibly come of JSA and therefore stop being a “scrounger” this is the 3rd interview I have been unable to attend because of this, I have been with this provider since February and I have not managed to gain one interview through them, So let’s put this as it is, a large Corporate this Government seems to worship refuse to help me because I get off my ass and try to help myself “Get on your bike” remember that? They get a funded contract to provide this, where do i go to get help to interviews?? WONGA??? I can’t get to the interview now, I have asked JCP but because I am on the Work program they can’t help, so I’m screwed all over, so next time you here the Posh Boys or organisations “purring” about the Work program please remember this


A Scrounger


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