The Work program (again) in response to another blog

Has anyone seen my stories? twiiter/facebook,Linked In? I am on the Work Program, have been since February, I have not gained 1 interview through them, I get them all myself, they have now started refusing help to travel to interviews I have arranged either myself, or outside my home city (Sheffield) I have an interview in Leeds on Monday with the charity stepchange, 55mins away by coach but the Work Prog provider (serco) will not help with travel costs so I can’t go, yet JCP can sanction me as it’s less than 90 mins away! I have had to turn down 2 previous interviews for this, I raised it with my MP and their reply was incredible, I am trying to set up a local advice service and it seems they are helping me do this! News to me! I’m lucky if I get 15 mins with my provider and all I get is what have you done to look for work? once I was told I was getting too many interviews!!!!

Here’s an email I sent to my adviser about an opportunity I found 42 miles away


I’ve just seen a number of jobs in Calderdale CAB (Halifax) would this be too far if i applied and got an interview? I know I said I wouldn’t go for a CAB but it seems they must have had a lot of funding given

I hope you are ok. I have checked with my manager and I am afraid our budget does not stretch to that far.

Halifax is 42 miles away!


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